Boric Acid Won’t Kill You, but It Can Be Toxic. How To Get the Benefits Without Risk

Boric Acid Won’t Kill You, but It Can Be Toxic. How To Get the Benefits Without Risk

More than 23,000 people are sent to the ER each year because of the dietary supplements they took. 

This is according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  

If that is true, why are supplements sending people to the ER? 

Aren’t supplements supposed to make us better?

They are. 

But most of those cases happened because people overdosed…. Or they didn't use the supplement as they were advised.

For example: 

In 2014 Logan Stiner and James Wade Sweatt died of overdoses from powdered caffeine. (a supplement)

Another example:

Do you know that vitamin D can be so toxic that it can lead to hypercalcemia and imbalance in the regulation of bone metabolism

But vitamin D is supposed to be good. And it is good. 

Vitamin D toxicity is usually caused by large doses of vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D becomes poison when you ingest too much into your body at a time. 

This is why doctors always advise us to NEVER exceed our recommended doses. 


Almost all ‘nutrients’ become poisonous if used in excess. 

Another example: 

Iron is in many over-the-counter (OTC) multivitamins. 

And overdosing on these multivitamins intentionally or otherwise easily causes iron poisoning. 

Do you know that iron poisoning is deadly in children? And that most adults that try to commit suicide try to overdose with iron multivitamins? 


You shouldn’t be scared though

What we can learn from this is that overdosing is fatal. 

Having too much of any substance in our body is not good. 

This is also true with boric acid 

Eating spoonfuls of table salt will cause dehydration which can be fatal.

In the same way, eating spoonfuls of boric acid can lead to adverse effects as well. 

The CDC website says that boric acid becomes fatal when one ingests 30g of the substance. 

Keep in mind that 25g of table salt is fatal for an adult. 25g is just 4 tablespoons. 

But a boric acid suppository contains 600mg (milligrams) of boric acid. 

To put that into perspective, you would have to take 50 pills (a 60-month supply) of boric acid suppositories at the same time to get to 30g of boric acid in your body. 

This shows that table salt is more fatal than boric acid. 

So in conclusion, boric acid is far less dangerous than table salt… 

And most of us eat table salt every day. But we eat only the amount that we need. 

The same way, the 600mg of boric acid that’s in FlowerPower suppositories is just the amount you need to keep your vagina clean and fresh… without killing you. 

But remember… 

You don’t actually take
boric acid suppositories by mouth! 

They go directly into the vagina like this: 

how to insert a boric acid suppository into the vagina

Which means that it’s much safer.

When you insert a boric acid suppository, it dissolves inside your vagina where it cleans and kills all the infection-causing bacteria. 

It doesn’t get absorbed into your blood. 

After insertion, you’ll likely notice some discharge which is the result of the cleaning process as bacteria and odor are finally washed out. 




Do you know there’s an acid in the vagina?

Vagina lactic acid is the acid found inside the vagina that keeps the environment acidic and your pH low. 

It’s part of your vaginal self-cleaning mechanism. And it pairs up nicely with boric acid to help vagina owners get rid of BV, yeast infections, vaginal odor and other problems! 

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