6 Alternative Treatments for BV (and Vaginal Odor)

6 Alternative Treatments for BV (and Vaginal Odor)

Vaginal issues are tricky. 

For one, vaginas are so unique that no two vaginas are exactly the same. 

Which means that each woman’s vagina has a different set of bacteria (both good and bad) from any other vagina out there.

This sometimes makes it difficult to know exactly what to do when things are knocked off-kilter. 

And it’s also why some things work for some ladies and not for others.

But in today’s article, we’ll share 12 alternative (home) treatments that some ladies have tried and gotten great results with. 

And since they’re cheap, you can try them too. 

Let’s get started:

#1. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are not cheap unless you have great health insurance, and there are different opinions about how well they work. 

Some ladies report excellent results.

But in our experience, we’ve seen way more ladies complaining that BV or a yeast infection returned after they finished their antibiotic dose. 

But a few have said that it worked for them. So, it’s good to give it a try. 

Consult your doctor or OB about that. 

#2. Probiotics 

There’s a ton of bacteria living in any vagina, good and bad bacteria. (Just like the gut)

That shouldn’t make you cringe. 

It’s completely normal because that’s how the vagina was designed to function. 

The good bacteria in the vagina is generally called Lactobacillus (or Lacto for short). 

And Lacto works incredibly hard to fight microorganisms that cause BV, yeastie beasties, etc. 

It’s basically a numbers game. The larger your Lacto army, the healthier your vagina will be. And the harder it will be for disease-causing microorganisms to win.

But for a host of reasons, your Lacto population may begin to die off. 

And, since it’s a numbers game, the bad guys start to gain the advantage. 

That’s when you start to notice a huge change in odor… strange discharges… inconstant pH… itches, etc. Which if you ignore long enough, may turn into a full-blown infection.  

The logical solution?

Lacto supplements (aka Probiotics). 

Probiotics are a medical way of reintroducing Lacto into the vagina for its beneficial qualities. 

Just like you would take an energy drink to boost your energy, probiotics give your Lacto army an instant boost by bringing more and more Lacto into the fight. 

Probiotics are usually like pills that you can take, but before you take them, remember to consult your doctor. 

Note: probiotics may or may not work for you depending on how far in your struggles you are. Sometimes the bad bacteria population is so strong and entrenched that you’ll need a more hardcore solution. Keep reading for more details.

#3. Yogurt

Yogurt is the most natural source of good bacteria for the body. And that includes Lacto for the vagina. 

That’s why it’s called a natural probiotic.

If you’re constantly eating yogurt (natural and unflavored yogurt) it’ll be difficult for your Lacto population to fall. 

That said, it is unlikely that eating yogurt alone will instantly clear your vaginal issues. 

Most probiotics are more potent than yogurt so it only makes sense that yogurt has its limits too. 

And there’s very little study showing yogurt’s impact on BV. 

A little note: Some ladies go so far as to apply yogurt directly to their cookie. Do not do that. That is bad news for your vagina because it will probably make things way worse.

#4. Garlic or garlic supplements 

Garlic is well known for its natural antibacterial properties. 

It contains a substance called diallyl sulfide which is two hundred times more potent than some antibiotics. 

In a 2014 study, participants with bacterial vaginosis took oral metronidazole or a garlic supplement for seven days. 

Some took 500mg garlic tablets twice a day for seven days while the others took an antibiotic. 

Both treatments had similar results (the success rate was low)... but… the group that took the garlic supplements had fewer side effects. 

As always, remember to consult with your doctor before you start a medication. 

NOTE: Do not place garlic or garlic supplement around or in your vagina! It’s known to cause itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, hives, headache, and nausea and vomiting!

#5. Hydrogen peroxide (douching)

Should you douche? 

Studies show that douching with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or solutions with tea tree oil is not conclusive. 

If anything, douching has shown very high risks. 

It is known to:

  • Cause burns and severe irritations,
  • Increase the risk of BV recurrence, 
  • Increase your chances of getting STDs and, 
  • If pregnant, increase the chances of preterm delivery. 

On a general note, OBs and GYNs advise against douching, regardless of what you read on blogs and forums. 

Better to be safe than sorry.

#6. Boric acid

Boric acid was first introduced in the United States in 1948 as an insecticide to kill cockroaches, termites, fire ants, fleas, silverfish, and many other insects.

But that was before its medical properties were discovered.

Soon, researchers found out that medical-grade boric acid had strong antibacterial properties. 

It works exceptionally well in the vagina where it spares the good bacteria (Lacto) and thrashes other disease-causing bacteria. 

This is why boric acid is recommended by the CDC if your infection:

  • Is more severe
  • Doesn’t get better or
  • Keeps coming back after getting better

This was further proved by studies that showed that boric acid was highly effective where drugs (antibiotics) failed. 

So of the 6 treatments for common vaginal issues, boric acid is by far the most effective, especially if you’ve been struggling for a while. 

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