Vaginal Health Myths That Might Be Holding You Back

Vaginal Health Myths That Might Be Holding You Back

Ever played the game of telephone at a party?

game of telephone

Where one person whispers a message to the next person, who whispers to the next person… 

And by the end of the line, the original message becomes hilariously twisted? 

That’s exactly what has happened to vaginal health. 

Thanks to countless online threads… there are so many myths about vaginal health on the internet. 

And many ladies believe these myths are true scientific facts, even though some of them have been disproved by science.

Chances are if you’re feeling intensely self-conscious or if you’re struggling with your vaginal health… one of these is holding you back. 

So let’s straighten out some of these myths together.

Myth 1: My lowdown doesn’t look good! 

Many ladies constantly compare their lady parts to the heavily edited pictures in Adult magazines. 

The result is that they feel intensely more self-conscious that their partner may not like how she looks. 

And that’s also why so many ladies are getting unnecessary cosmetic surgeries on their vagina… which can lead to vaginal infections and long-term vaginal injury. 

Gynodiversity conducted a study where thousands of women took pictures of their vaginas. And upon comparison, they found that there is no perfect vagina. 

Source: Gynodiversity

Yes, you’re perfect the way you are. 

Myth 2: Healthy Vagina should smell good

Many ladies with perfectly healthy vaginal microbiomes think they have vaginal odor. 

But in most cases, the problem may be their nose

Researchers have found that when we’re focused on something, our senses get heightened. 

For example, when you’re constantly thinking about your odor, your sense of smell may temporarily become keener. 

The result is that you’ll be able to hear every whiff more intensely than anyone else. 

In fact, research has found that women generally have a better sense of smell than men. 

So if you don’t have an infection and your partner/gynecologist has told you that they can’t smell anything… 

Then maybe your nose is working overtime. 

What you need to do is relax and stop thinking about your odor constantly. Your sense of smell will usually normalize and you’ll notice that you’ve been worried for nothing! 

But if the odor is strong (and smells like fish), then you need to see your healthcare provider to figure out the root cause.

Myth 3: The vagina becomes loose with too much sex

Young ladies especially think the vagina will become loose if they have a lot of sex. And it makes some sense, right? 

The more sex you have… the looser the walls will become. 

But doctors disagree! 

Why? Because the vagina is incredibly elastic and it always returns to its original size.

In fact, gynecologists have found that ladies who give birth vaginally continue to have intense sex and orgasms well into their 60s! 

And this includes mothers who have up to 7 or more children! Yes, that’s how elastic a vagina is.  

So even though the vagina can change with age, increased sexual activity is not linked to vaginal loosening. 

Myth 4: Douching – The Magic Cleanse?

Douching is like a spa day for your vagina, right? Wrong!

Attempting to “wash” or clean the inside of the vagina is one of the worst mistakes some ladies make. Why? 

Your vagina hates that. 

Every vagina is a self-cleaning kitty

Yes, the vagina is constantly cleaning itself day after day. 

It kills any bad bacteria that slips in… it regulates your pH and it even protects you from STDs and UTIs! 

If you have an optimal microbiome, then your vagina is going through your natural self-cleaning mechanism right now. 

And when your natural self-cleaning mechanism is on, you will rarely get a vaginal infection (if ever!). 

As you may know, it’s the good bacteria that keep your flora clean by producing lactic acid. 

This acid makes your flora unliveable for the viruses and bacteria that cause infections. The whole process is called the natural cleaning mechanism. 

But when you douche, you risk disrupting this delicate balance. And once it’s upset, you’ll be wide open to vaginal infections.

So remember that the vagina doesn’t need douches. 

Myth 5: Menopause Means the End of Your Sex Life

Many ladies dread getting to menopause because of the stories they hear. 

Vaginal dryness… reduced libido… hormonal changes… chronic vaginal issues… 

Is there a chance that I can enjoy good sex when I have to struggle with all this? 

Yes! All you need is a progressive gynecologist by your side. 

Depending on your body type, there’ll be a lot of treatments you can try to help you ease into menopause and manage the symptoms. 

And when you figure out the treatments for your body, you can join the ladies who are having the best sex of their lives... during menopause! 

Myth 6: Yogurt - A DIY cure for Yeast Infections?

Yogurt is one of the best sources of beneficial gut bacteria. 

And according to scientists, yogurts are probiotics made by nature. 

But does that mean it will be beneficial to vaginal health? 

Not really. 

Several studies have proved that yogurt contains different types of beneficial bacteria, including Lactobacillus

But that also means it contains other bacteria that may be bad news for your vaginal microbiome. 

In fact, physicians strongly advise against topical application of yogurts to your vagina because you’ll be essentially turning your microbiome into a battlefield for microorganisms! 

So while the idea looks sound, it lacks solid scientific evidence. 

If you suspect a yeast infection, it’s always best to consult a healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. 

(Or try proven products like medical-grade boric acid suppositories OR vaginal health probiotic like Divine Vagine)

Myth 7: I Can’t Get Pregnant During My Period

While the chances are lower, you actually can get pregnant during your period. 


You may know that sperm can survive in the body for several days after you do the deed

But if ovulation occurs early in your cycle, uh, you might get pregnant.


Okay this is the end of our list today. Remember that you shouldn’t always believe everything you read online. 

And if there are myths you’d like us to include in this list, please reply to our email to let us know.


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