7 Tips on How to  Keep Your Vagina Happy😊

7 Tips on How to Keep Your Vagina Happy😊

The vagina can become savage pretty quickly. 

It can throw tantrums (think discharges)... give you a sour face (strong odors)... or even make your life pretty uncomfortable by itching you to death :) 

But the vagina never acts up if you listen to her screams when things start going off. (You listen to your vagina by checking your pH everyday with a good vagina pH testing kit.)

Yes, the vagina will ALWAYS try to get your attention. 

And if you don’t listen, she will get mad and make your life a little living hell (she’s got all the power you know:))

So today, we’re going to talk about how to keep your vagina happy so that she will  give you all the love you deserve.😘😍

Let’s get started!

#1. “Please let me breathe” 

Oh, she so hates this one.

Everyone does. 

DON’T try to suffocate your vagina by wearing tight clothing (especially undies that don’t let her breathe). 

By tight undies, we mean undies that are made with synthetic fabrics that let no air through.

Undies that are so tight she can’t get any air. 

She hates those. And one of her best punishments to those that try to suffocate her is to make a sour face (release a stronger odor)… especially when you want to do-the-deed 😈

So here’s the lesson: switch to cotton undies if you haven’t and she’ll thank you for it.

If you haven’t enjoyed the freedom that is sleeping without undies, you gotta try it. It’s a habit that’ll do you and your vagina a lot of good!

#2. “Yogurttttt😋”

Your vagina will probably act up when you eat certain foods. 

Certain foods like onions, garlic, fish (don’t scream), etc. will alter your odor slightly afterwards. 

Ladies have reported smelling like onions after eating onions… 

Smelling like garlic after consuming some… and…

Smelling fishy after eating some fish. 

While it’s not a hard and fast rule, what you eat generally affects your vaginal health. 

Certain foods are VERY GOOD for vaginal health especially plain yogurt. 

Yogurt is a natural probiotic. The more yogurt you eat, the better your vaginal health will get over time. 

Why? Yogurt contains tons of good bacteria that’s beneficial to a female body, especially the vagina. 

This leads us perfectly into the next one:

#3. “I can clean myself, you know😏” 

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. 

If you don’t know how it works yet, here is a simple explanation. 

There’s a war going on in every vagina in the world. 

War between the good and bad bacteria.

When your good bacteria is in charge, the bad guys are kept at bay and you can’t get an infection. 

But the problem arises when the number of your vagina’s good bacteria begin to go down. 

As in all wars, the side with more fighters is gonna win. 

So when the number of good bacteria in your vagina begins to fall, the bad guys start to gain control. This is how a vaginal infection usually starts. 

So, in a nutshell, when your vagina has enough good bacteria, it’s almost impossible to get an infection. 

This is why it can be helpful to supplement your vagina’s good bacteria. 

You can do that in two ways: 

  1. By taking probiotics or 
  2. By making it easier for your good bacteria to grow (by keeping your pH acidic. This is why it’s good advice to use a boric acid suppository every once in a while). 

Even though the vagina self-cleans, some ladies (trying to make her smell like flowers and taste sweet) make a very terrible mistake that she hates. 

#4 “Ever seen anyone that HATES to smell good? Meet me!🙃🤪🤭😌”

The vagina wants to keep her ‘normal’ odor so much that if you try to change her scent, she’ll get really pissed. 

On the other hand… some ladies would really like to make their vaginas smell like flowers… because… it’ll give them a huge confidence boost (especially when it’s time to get naughty). 

It’s only so bad that the vagina (that they want to soup up so badly) hates that.

Why, though? 

Because fragrances mess up the queen’s ability to clean things up. 

They contain tons of chemicals that interfere (or even sometimes kill) your good bacteria. So using fragrances is a narrow road to a glorious vaginal infection. 

Want to make her super happy? Avoid scented soaps/fragrances totally.

#5 “Oh no! What did you just do to me?”

Some ladies think that when their vagina is acting up (especially with a fishy odor or infection)... that they can just wash it inside out with a douche. 

But… if you don’t know it yet…

Douching will usually produce the exact opposite result you want because… (you guessed it)... the queen hates it!

Here’s what happens when you douche: 

The liquid will wash out ALL the bacteria in your vagina. 

Before you think that’s good news… remember that if you have an infection, your good bacteria population is already very low.

So when you douche, you wash away ALL that’s left. 

And since it’s well known that bad buys are generally tougher than good guys… 

The bad bacteria will make a quicker comeback… and things may get a lot worse.

Summary: Don’t douche.

 #6 “She gets high too”

Yup, the vagina can get high too! 

Just kidding. 

The bad bacteria in the vagina gets fired up if you smoke or drink lots of alcohol. 

So if you’re struggling with vaginal issues, it may be a good idea to cut down or limit your alcohol and caffeine intake for a while. So that you’re not indirectly fueling the fire you’re trying to put out. 

Click here to read more about how smoking affects vagina health

And finally… 

#7 “Why don’t you ever ask how I’m doing?😢😿”

The vagina loves attention (as much as you do😉)...

And if you don’t give it to her, she’s not gonna like it very much. 

Best to pay attention before things get worse.

Most women do not even know their vagina is talking to them… until she’s screaming at them with discharges and strong odors. 

How do you know what message your vagina is trying to pass across? 

  • By checking your pH at least once a week! (And if you want to be extra careful once a day)

It’s so crucial because if you’re about to develop an infection, your pH will start to go all over the place. 

And if you aren’t checking if regularly (if you’re not listening to your vagina)... then you’ll never know… until it’s a full-blown infection. 

So, get some good vagina pH testing kits (not just any pH testing kit. It must be vagina-grade)...

And use them often. 

Combine that habit with the ones discussed in this article and you have a rock-solid vaginal microbiome that’ll easily handle anything that’s thrown at it... like a queen!

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