4 Strange Things a Vagina Can Do That’s Completely Normal

4 Strange Things a Vagina Can Do That’s Completely Normal

As vagina owners, we often get big surprises from the queen

And if you don’t know what she's trying to tell you, you might get scared when there’s really nothing wrong. 

So today we want to share 4 strange things you might find your vagina doing that are completely normal. 

Let’s get started then: 

#1. Bleaches your undies over time

This is all over TikTok with girls sharing how their vaginas bleach their underwear. And that might be scary if you don’t understand what’s going on. 

Why does the vagina bleach undies? How does she do that?

Because the vagina is naturally acidic. 

She makes her own acid (called lactic acid) that she uses to clean herself. 

[As a side note, this is why it’s completely safe and even healthy to use Boric Acid Suppositories to balance your pH or get rid of odor and infections]

Back to the topic. 

Your pH is normally acidic because of this lactic acid.

That acid also makes everything that passes through your vagina acidic. 

Your flow… discharge… and other vaginal fluids all are more acidic. So they will lighten your underwear over time. 

So if your vagina is bleaching your underwear, it's completely okay. It even means your self-cleaning mechanism is top notch! 

No matter what TikTok told you, this is completely normal. It means that she’s a happy, healthy vagina!

Also, if this doesn't happen to you, that’s not something to worry about. 

How acidic you are depends on your body type too. And some vaginas are naturally more acidic than others.

#2. Your vagina suddenly releases gas

This is also known as queefing. If you suddenly hear audible noise of air escaping from there… it’s completely normal. 

How does she do that?

The vagina is like a blind pouch. Or a house with just one door. 

Air can easily enter that door (your vaginal opening) during sex. Especially during penis insertion.  And sometimes that air gets trapped

So with movement or even during sex again, you might hear the air escaping from the vagina.

This is NOT worrisome. It's completely normal.

Just laugh it off. Nothing to worry about.

NOTE: Abnormal vaginal noise may be a symptom of a pelvic floor dysfunction or a vaginal fistula. This Healthline article explains in detail.  

#3. Releases brown period blood

When your flow is lighter (for example in the beginning or at the end of your period) that blood may just sit in the vagina.

Also, remember that the vagina is an acidic environment. And that she makes her own lactic acid that she uses to clean house. 

So at the beginning or end of your period, the blood may just sit in the vagina. And then it’s digested by the acidic environment, which turns it brown. 

If it comes out just like that, it might be dark brown. 

If it mixes with your normal vaginal discharge, then it'll be lighter brown. 

Either way, this is a totally normal process and it's just part of how the vagina works. 

#4. Creates blood clots when you're on your period

This can actually be the fault of the vagina and not the uterus. 

From #3 above, you know that when your flow comes, the blood may just sit in the vagina. And if blood sits, it coagulates... which turns it into a blood clot. 

Then, when you move around or sit down to use a toilet, it can come out as a blood clot. 

This is normal. You'll usually notice the clots first thing in the morning or after you've been sitting down for a while. Because when you finally stand, the blood clots will easily come out. 

How does she do that?

When you’re standing, blood can easily flow out because of gravity. But when you sit or lie down, then it can just sit there and get trapped. 

And if blood gets trapped, it coagulates. 

But again, if you're having lots of clots between bleeding, that may not be normal. The same thing if you notice really large blood clots.

You should go and see a doctor if that’s the case. 

So that’s it! 

Do you know other vagina-tricks that are not in this list? 

Email us at hello@getflowerpower.com to let us know. 

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