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13 Tips to smell *fresher* down there!

Vaginas are not gonna smell like cookies… or flowers (no matter how hard we try😢).

But today we’ll look at 13 tips to make your downstairs fresher and cleaner and make you overall more confident in yourself. 

Let’s get to it: 

#1. Never use soap in there

It’s counterintuitive, right?

But you don’t wanna use soap inside the vagina because she hates soap… especially scented soaps that are made with chemicals.

That’s not how to clean the vagina for maximum freshness. 

What you use is a washcloth and warm water. That’s all you’ll need. 

#2. You gotta breathe down there

Yeah, she could really use some air.

When you think about it, the groin is the most covered part of the body.

So it’s easy for sweat and oil glands to accumulate and not get aired out. All that can contribute to more odor.

Switch to cotton panties if you haven’t ’cause they’re so breathable and the vagina loves it. Wear fewer thongs and swimwear.

Avoid clothes that hold on to water, and if you ever get wet, try to dry your body as soon as possible. 

Pro tip: An extra pair of undies can be a lifesaver.


So that in case you need it, you’ll have the option to change. Its the worst thing to need a change of underwear and you don't have one with you.

So wherever you’re going, if you can, squeeze an extra pair of underwear in your bag.

#3. Hair can be a problem

That’s right.

Hair can easily hold on to sweat which causes an increase in odor in that area. It’s also true that shaving is a big pain in the butt. 

So if you want an alternative to clean shaves, then at least keep the hair as short as possible in there. 

Just do a squat on a mirror, look over…and … do what you gotta do.

#4. Have an idea of what’s causing the odor

Yeah it’s super important to understand your body well.

So that when you have an odor you can correctly guess where it’s coming from.

Some ladies notice a more intense odor after sex, some after they eat certain foods, or after a workout. 

So if you haven’t developed a lovey relationship with your body, start to pay close attention to what you do every day. Notice what you did just before your odor increased and make a list of those.

Your vagina probably doesn’t like them. 

#5. Try sleeping naked (or without underwear)

Before you cast it off as another silly idea, think about it. You’re always putting something on.

Always an underwear over the vagina… and it never really gets some air.

And there’s also a ton of sweat and oil glands down there. 

So sleeping naked is one of the best treatments you could give your ladyparts… every night. It’s like taking her to a little spa.

Don’t suffocate it and keep it clammed up… even when you don’t need to!

(if it still feels super weird, try a very loose pant the first few nights. Once you taste the freedom, you’ll definitely go all in)

#6. Pee

This is kinda a no-brainer… but it’s great to pee before and after sex. Especially after sex. 

#7 Baby wipes 

Wipes are awesome… if you use the ones vaginas love.

They can remove odor and leave you smelling fresh instantly!

Yup, but you gotta make sure you’re using unscented wipes so that the chemicals don’t knock your pH off-kilter.

Pro tip: Wipes can be a lifesaver if you ever find yourself in a public bathroom and they’re out of toilet paper.

#8. Freshen up fast just before the deed

This is a great tip to pump up your confidence and leave you feeling more comfortable just before sex.

Try to sneak into the bathroom and clean up with a wipe to make sure everything is fresh and brand new and smelling great before that. 

#9. Drink more…

More water, girl.

You gotta get into the habit of just drinking water. It makes your skin glow more over time.

And more importantly, it is great for your vaginal health!

Remember that our body is 60% (!) water and the vagina also needs water to moisturize and remove ‘waste’ as discharge. 

You’ll immediately notice that once you start to drink more water, your pee will get lighter (which is great!).

And you get to flush more toxins out of your body. Some of these benefits will appear over time as you give your body more of what it wants. 

#10. Don’t do this because you can 

This is more like common sense… but we had to include it here.

Tampons and pads. Change them regularly.

Just because it can be in there for up to 8 hours doesn’t mean you should leave it that long. Because it can cause a very rotten smell that sticks. 

Moreover, a tampon soaked with blood rots quickly… in there. Which (when the infection enters the blood) causes an infection known as Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

TSS can be fatal.

#11. Fruits, baby 

People say that fruits will make you taste better… and there’s some truth in that.

You are what you eat. But fruits are more awesome because they give you something unique.

Natural sugars. Which will make you “sweeter” overall.  

Also, eat more healthy foods. The healthier you are inside, the healthier your vaginal health will be too. 

#12. Probiotics 

It’s not a fluke, girl. It’s like a supplement for the vagina and it works. 

The vagina has a mix of good and bad bacteria.

And if you want a healthier vagina, then you feed the good bacteria. And that’s what you achieve with a probiotic.

#13. Keep boric acid handy

One of the easiest ways to feel instantly fresh and clean is to use a boric acid suppository.

While most ladies may shy away from it, it’s outstanding in studies where it was compared against antibiotics. 

Not only did boric acid achieve a much higher success rate with clearing vaginal infections (94.8%!), it also produced little or no side effects. 


United States Pharmacopeia boric acid is the right boric acid for vagina issues. It causes zero itches, redness, burning and little or no discharge after use. 

You may get your supply of FlowerPower boric acid suppositories by clicking this link. (Offer valid while stock lasts)


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