13 Tips to Instantly Smell Fresher Downstairs

13 Tips to Instantly Smell Fresher Downstairs

13 Sneaky Tips That Instantly Reduce Intense Vaginal Odor and Boost Your Confidence

Our lowdown isn't gonna smell like cookies or flowers (no matter how hard we try😢). But if the odor is a bit more intense, these sneaky tips will definitely make a difference.

We’ll look at 13 proven tips that'll make your downstairs fresher and cleaner and make you overall more confident in yourself. 

But you have to know the tips to use them. So let’s get tip #1: 

#1. Try cleaning with just a warm washcloth and water

Vaginal odor is caused by bad bacteria. And what's smelly isn't the vagina, but the waste those bacteria produce. So using warm water and washcloth to clean will greatly reduce the odor instantly.

Why does that work? Because the warm washcloth will wipe off almost all the smelly wastes those bacteria produced. But only use the washcloth to clean the outside.

To reduce the odor from the inside out... 

#2. You gotta breathe down there

When you think about it, the groin is the most covered part of the body.

So it’s easy for sweat and oil glands to accumulate and not get aired out. And once sweat accumulates, what happens next? Odor.

So you've got to start sleeping without undies. Over time, the intensity of the odor will gradually reduce and normalize.

Extra tipSwitch to cotton panties if you haven’t. They’re breathable so they keep your groin a bit ventilated.

Also avoid getting unnecessary wet for a long time as bacteria accumulate in damp spaces. And after a long shower/swimming/day at the beach, dry your body as soon as possible. 

Pro tip: Carry an extra pair of undies for a long day. It can be a lifesaver.

Why? So that you’ll have the option to change. The worst feeling is to need a change of underwear and not have one with you.

So wherever you’re going, if you can, squeeze an extra pair of underwear in your bag.

#3. Keep the hair low and trim

Pubic hair holds on to sweat, which increase odor in that area. So a clean shave is advised. And if that isn't an option, try to keep a low shave. 

Shaving pro-tip: Just do a squat on a mirror, look over…and … do what you gotta do.

#4. Put a finger on what’s causing the odor

Pay attention and pinpoint everything that triggers the odor. 

Some ladies notice a more intense odor after sex... some after they eat certain foods, or after a workout... when they're stressed... after their period... etc. 

Go detective mode and pinpoint them because there's something. Whenever you notice an odor change, think back to what might have prompted that. Notice what you did just before your odor increased and make a list of those.

It may something so simple that once you eliminate it, the odor will vanish. 

#5. Try sleeping naked (or without underwear)

There are a ton of sweat and oil glands down there. So sleeping naked is one of the best treatments you could give your ladyparts… every night. It’s like taking her to a little spa.

Don’t suffocate it and keep it clammed up even when there's no one around! This will help your flora normalize and reduce the bad bacteria that cause the odor.

Try it. Once you taste the freedom, you will not look back.

#6. Peeing after sex (and especially before that)

This is kinda a no-brainer… but many ladies don't really know that it can help reduce vaginal odor.

Bacteria is introduced into the body after sex. And peeing is the best way to eliminate all those bacteria after sex. 

Pro tip: While it's advised to pee after sex, it's equally important to pee before sex. It plays an important role in keep the bad bacteria in check so that they don't cause odor later.

#7 Keep baby wipes handy

Wipes are awesome and can help to instantly reduce the odor for a short time. This is helpful for ladies that work in a company and don't want others to smell their odor. 

Whenever you feel the need to reduce the odor, go to the bathroom and do your thing. They can remove odor and leave you smelling fresh instantly!

Make sure to use unscented wipes. Ordinary wipes contain chemicals that can knock your pH off-kilter.

Pro tip: Wipes can also be a lifesaver if you ever find yourself in a public bathroom and they’re out of toilet paper. So make that a permanent item you carry around.

#8. Freshen up just before intimacy

Vaginal odor can leave you feeling self-conscious and unable to enjoy sex. A great way to boost your confidence is to freshen up just before sex.

Sneaking into the bathroom and cleaning with wipes (or using the Instant Vaginal Odor Eliminator Tool) will leave you feeling fresh and smelling great within minutes. 

#9. Flush out toxins with water

Drinking water is good for you skin, but it's even more important for vaginal health. The vagina needs water to moisturize and remove ‘waste’ as discharge. 

You’ll immediately notice that once you start to drink more water, your pee will get lighter. And if you usually notice discharge, it may get lighter too. 

This will greatly reduce vaginal odor because the vaginal will be able to flush more toxins out of your microbiome. 

#10. Pay attention to these hygiene products

If you use tampons and pads, you've got to change them regularly.

Just because it can be in there for up to 8 hours doesn’t mean you should leave it for that long. The longer it stays in, the higher the chances of vaginal odor happening. 

#11. Eat more fruits 

Some ladies notice they smell line onion or ginger when they eat a lot of those. And some notice that they smell 'fruity' when they eat lots of fruits.

So try it. You may be amazed! 

Hint: Focus on fruits that are grown organically, and contain only natural sugars.  These have a higher chance of affect the body fluids.  

#12. Probiotics 

The vagina has a mix of good and bad bacteria. And of course it's the bad bacteria that cause the odor.

To reduce the odor, increase the good bacteria with a good probiotic supplement. This will help you reset your microbiome and turn on your natural cleaning mechanism.

#13. Keep this proven remedy handy

The hands-down fastest way to eliminate vaginal odor and instantly feel fresh and clean is to use a boric acid suppository.

Not only do boric acid achieve a much higher success rate with clearing vaginal infections (94.8%!), it also produced little or no side effects. 

And because it's a suppository, it works fast. Odors start to subside within a few hours. And in 24 hours, most ladies report that the odor is completely gone.


United States Pharmacopeia boric acid is the right boric acid for vagina issues. It causes zero itches, redness, burning and little or no discharge after use. 

You may get your supply of FlowerPower boric acid suppositories by clicking this link. (Offer valid while stock lasts)


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