10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED  to Know

10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You NEED to Know

Many ladies are concerned about how they smell down there. 

But you gotta know that every lady has a smell, and that’s normal. 

But when you’re smelling a little funky… something that’s clearly out of the norm… that’s when there’s a problem. 

So here are some our top 10 feminine tips every lady needs to know:

#1. Sleep without underwear 

Sounds very weird if you haven’t experienced the freedom before. But it’s one of the best things you can do for your vagina.

She’s always under clothes and she really wants to get as much air as possible. Helps you reduce the chances of developing a vaginal odor … and Hey, it’s way more comfortable and relaxing.

Try it once and you’ll agree. 

#2. Keep your vagina far from silky undies 

This ties in perfectly with number one above. Like your skin, your vagina (especially the pubic region) sweats too. So you want the sweat around your vagina to dry as quickly as possible.

And since silky undies are not breathable, the sweat in your groin will often decompose and build up a bad odor.

So you should switch to strictly cotton undies ASAP if you haven’t. They’re breathable.

And since they’re cotton, they’re less likely to throw off your pH as well. 

#3. She needs some air too 

Tight clothes (especially jeans) fit exceptionally well but they’ll in turn increase the likelihood that you’ll get ingrown hairs.


Because the harder they press the hairs, the easier the hairs can grow into the skin.

And since they’re so tight, it’s much harder to get some air in there, which can also cause a build-up of odor. 

#4. The usuals 

Pee right after sex… wash your hands before and after using the bathroom and don’t just insert things in there because they’ll throw off your pH. 

Also, if you’re married and notice you get a strong odor immediately after sex, it’s likely your flora is getting a bit allergic to your husband’s semen.

A good solution would be to use a good boric acid suppository after sex and that’ll clear things up (not the semen; the odor).

#5. Keep dry always

Most germs and bacteria grow in moist environments. So you should always try to get dry as often as possible.

If you swim a lot, get out of your swimwear and don’t stay in wet clothes.

Bacteria can easily go from wet clothes through the vaginal fluids... and into the vagina. 

#6. You really are what you eat

What we eat affects our overall health… especially our vaginal health.

And most ladies don’t know that. If you eat a lot of onions, garlic, fish, etc. you may start to smell like that down there.

So it’s good to know what foods your vagina doesn’t like. Also, make sure you’re eating vagina-loving foods like yogurt, fruit and tons of water.

The more hydrated you are the more you’ll be moisturized down there. 

#7. Probiotics work

The vagina is a lot similar to the gut (don’t get the wrong picture yet!).

It’s similar because it also has good and bad bacteria. If your good bacteria population is high and healthy, you’ll never have to deal with an infection.

So do your research and make a good vagina probiotic a part of your life. 

#8. Feminine wipes 

These are great… for wiping the outer vagina and making sure it’s clean and dry.

Do NOT use them inside because it can quickly upset your flora. If you use wipes try to stick to baby wipes. 

#9. Vaginal moisturizers 

Just like probiotics, it’s not a bad idea to support your vaginal cells and help them produce moisture.

You can easily do this by adding a good vaginal moisture supplement as a part of your life.

The more moisturized, cleaner and acidic the vagina is, the healthier it becomes overall. 

#10. Boric is the truth!

Get you some boric acid, girl! If you’d like the ability to snap your fingers and a clean and fresh vagina would instantly appear, free from odors and gross discharges, then this is your holy grail. 

Many ladies shy away from boric acid because it sounds scary. But those ladies usually don’t know that the vagina already makes her own acid (lactic acid).

That’s what makes your pH acidic… which is very good. And boric acid is even better. 

It helps the good vaginal bacteria to wax stronger… it absolutely thrashes bacteria and microorganisms that cause BV, yeast infections and other bad news you don’t want to deal with… and it’s medically known to support good vaginal health. 

It’s not a pill. It looks like a pill, but it goes directly into the vagina. 

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