Should You Try Vaginal Rejuvenation? How it can improve your sex life

Should You Try Vaginal Rejuvenation? How it can improve your sex life

Vaginal rejuvenation promises to restore the vagina to what it used to be before childbirth or menopause. 

That means more pleasure and no painful sex. It also means more moisture when you’re excited… and of course, no odor or vaginal issues.

So today, we’ll talk about this almost miraculous medical procedure and whether or not you should get it. 

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is not a single procedure. It’s a combination of procedures that address various kinds of vagina issues. 

The goal is to spruce up the whole vagina and give it a fresh look and feel. 

Two common procedures that are used during vaginal rejuvenation are: 

  1. The laser treatments — to tighten the vaginal walls, and 
  2. Surgeries — to repair and reshape what the vagina looks like. 

Why are women flocking to this trend? 

For some women, it’s all about aesthetics, while other women are looking for solutions to vaginal issues. Yes, vaginal rejuvenation can fix issues like vaginal dryness or incontinence.

So let’s look at the two procedures in a bit more detail. 

Vaginal rejuvenation procedure #1: Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a nonsurgical procedure used during vaginal rejuvenation. This treatment’s goal is to stimulate the production of collagen in your vagina. 

As you may know, collagen is a protein that helps to maintain spotless skin. It’s also an important component in your muscles, tendons, cartilage and your bones. 

But more importantly, collagen is a very important component of the vaginal cells. 

Collagen helps to keep the vagina cells young and supple. And the more collagen your cells have, the more enticing the vagina will look. On top of that, collagen also helps to rebuild the vaginal cells that fight infection. 

Which means that if your collagen levels are high, you’ll struggle with fewer vaginal issues. 

The problem is that collagen production drops in the body after our 25th birthday. While this is purely natural, it can have some nasty consequences for your vagina health.

Just as lack of collagen can cause wrinkles and dryness on your face… it also causes vagina dryness and a feeling of ‘looseness’ down there. 

And that’s where the laser treatment comes in. 

Laser treatment targets the vaginal lining and encourages the cells to make more collagen. It does that by ‘heating up’ the tissues to make collagen. And it works. 

One reason why many women like laser therapy is because it’s non-invasive. No cutting or surgery is required. 

Your doctor just has to insert a special laser wand in there and begin the vagina’s restoration. 

There are 2 other non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures that work like laser treatments. Some of them are: 

  1. Radio frequency procedure — this uses electromagnetic waves to promote collagen production in the vagina, and
  2. Stem cell therapy/Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRPR) procedure — this procedure also helps the vagina to make more collagen. Here, blood is drawn and spinned to create a platelet-rich solution. This platelet-rich solution is then injected back into the G-spot or the clitoris. And that does the trick.

These non-surgical vaginal restoration procedures can do wonders for menopausal or postmenopausal women. They’re especially useful for women who struggle with vaginal dryness or painful sex. 

So give them a try if nothing else is working. 

Or, if you’d rather try supplements, try our proven vaginal moisture supplement, She Juicy💦.

Now, let’s look at the second vaginal rejuvenation procedure. And this is the surgical option.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedure #2: Surgical Sculpting

We’ve discussed laser treatment, which is the non-surgical side of vaginal rejuvenation. 

But then there’s the surgical side of vaginal rejuvenation. And that involves two procedures: 

The first is called vaginoplasty, and the second is called labiaplasty

Think of this surgery as an origami for the vagina. The surgeon will meticulously fold and craft the vaginal walls and lips until he gets everything right. 

Yes, it can sound scary and complicated, but in the hands of an expert surgeon, you’ll be fine. But still, this is not a decision to make on a whim. 

So before you decide to get surgery for your vagina, take your time to get all the information. To help you do that, here’s a condensed version of vaginal restoration surgery. 

2 Kinds of Vaginal Restoration Surgery

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of vaginal restoration surgeries, and they are: 

  1. Vaginoplasty, and  
  2. Labiaplasty 

Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty target different parts of the vagina. And as you would expect, they produce very different results. 

So depending on the specific results you want, you can decide which surgery to get. 

Let’s look at them in more detail. 

The 411 of Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty targets the inside of the vagina, and how it feels in there. 

Here, the surgeon works on the vaginal walls to get you the results you want. The main results you’ll get with vaginoplasty is that it’ll tighten up the vaginal walls. And some women feel like they need it. 

They feel they need it because after childbirth and menopause, they start to feel ‘loose’ and lax in there. So the surgeon tries to tighten up the vaginal walls with surgery. 

Here are few things to keep in mind if you want to get this surgery:

  • Tightening Time Just like every other surgery, you will need some recovery time. Your vagina will need some recovery time. And it’s during recovery that the vaginal muscles and tissues tighten finally. 
  • Recovery Rundown You’ll be unable to do a few things during recovery. Your doctor will give you the full list, but it’ll usually include no tampons, no sex, and a strict take-it-easy policy for several weeks.
  • Getting the Desired Outcome Many women report happy results after vaginoplasty. That includes feeling more sensation and satisfaction during intimate moments.

The 411 of Labiaplasty

While vaginoplasty focuses on the interior of the vagina, Labiaplasty does the opposite. Labiaplasty focuses on the exterior of the vagina, usually the shape of the lips and the look of the vagina. 

Generally, Labiaplasty is all about reshaping or reducing the size of the vaginal ‘lips’... that’s your labia minora or majora. 

Why do some women get this surgery? 

Most women who get Labiaplasty want a ‘picture perfect’ vagina. They’re usually concerned with what their vaginas look like to their partners. 

Other women also get Labiaplasty because they feel discomfort down there. They usually feel discomfort during exercise, or when they wear certain clothing. 

Here are few things to keep in mind if you want to get this surgery:

  • The surgery and your comfort Like all surgeries, this will require some cutting. If you get a good surgeon, you’ll be fine. The surgeon will make you comfortable throughout the surgery. 
  • What recovery looks like Women who get this surgery usually experience swelling and discomfort soon after the surgery. Complete healing should happen in a few weeks. After that, you’re ready to resume living normally again. 
  • Satisfaction Score Women who get labiaplasty can’t stop talking about the freedom from discomfort and the newfound confidence in what they look like downstairs.

Both procedures are highly personal so you should not decide on a whim. Discuss them with a certified gynecologist who is a specialist in this area.

4 Top Reasons Why Women Get Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

There are a few reasons why women get these surgeries. Here are the 4 top reasons from our research: 

1. Restoring Comfort

Most women want this procedure for very specific health reasons. 

Some of those reasons are of course to make sex more comfortable. They want relief from chafing, irritation, and pain during physical activities or intercourse. And these procedures are proven to help. 

2. Reclaiming Confidence

One of the top reasons women get these procedures is to restore their confidence. 

Childbirth, menopause, and aging can change what the vagina looks and feels like. And that affects some women’s self-esteem. 

Vaginal rejuvenation can help you feel more comfortable and confident with your vagina.

3. Enhancing Intimacy

One of the consequences of vaginal aging is a decrease in sexual pleasure. 

Intimacy just doesn’t feel as good as it used to. In some cases, it can be downright painful and horrible. 

Vaginoplasty, in particular, can increase or reduce friction during intercourse. That will enhance sexual pleasure for both partners.

4. Medical Necessity

Some women have rare medical cases where their labia minora are too elongated. And that causes constant irritation, infections, and can even affect your physical well-being. In cases like that, a labiaplasty can be medically advised to improve the quality of life.


You’ve seen how vaginal rejuvenation can improve your sex life. But as always, make sure you consult a licensed professional who can look at your case and give you good advice.

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