How to safely insert vaginal suppositories in 10 seconds flat without making a mess

How to safely insert vaginal suppositories in 10 seconds flat without making a mess

Some vaginal health treatments come in suppository form. And that includes antibiotics, probiotics and boric acid suppositories.

But some people just stick it in there with their finger because they don’t know better. And there are reasons why you don’t want to do that. 

So in this article, you’ll learn how to safely insert vaginal suppositories in less than 10 seconds… 

… and the reason why you don’t want to put your finger in there, especially if you’re struggling with vaginal issues. 

Let’s start with how to correctly insert vaginal suppositories for best results. 

Regardless of the type of suppository you have, these 5 steps are all you need. 

STEP 1: Wash your hands

wash your hand before inserting a suppository

Scientists found that we have over 1.5 trillion bacteria living on our skin. (That’s 1 with twelve zeros). 

These are the bacteria that cause infections in our bodies! And if you’re struggling with vaginal issues, you don’t want to put more bad bacteria in there! 

So make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water… before you even open the probiotics. 

STEP 2: Fix the suppository on the insert tool

Fixing the boric acid suppository on you insert tool.

This follows from the first step. You don’t want to risk adding more bad bacteria to the mix by inserting your fingers into your vagina. 

So to add even more protection, use a suppository insert tool to insert your suppositories. And if you have one, this is the step where you want to gently insert it on the tip of your tool.

If you don’t have one, you can use your fingers. But remember that this is not recommended.

STEP 3: Lay on your back and part your legs slightly (very important)

Lay on your back and part your legs slightly. That way you'll use gravity to insert the suppository deep enough into the vagina.

To get best results, you’ll need to insert your suppositories deep into the vagina. That way it can work from the inside out.

So you have to lay on your back… prop your head with a pillow and part your knees slightly. (As shown in the image above)

Why this position? 

You want to use gravity to your advantage. You’ll be fighting gravity if you insert while standing. 

STEP 4: Insert the suppository into the vagina

Put the tool + suppository into your vagina and press the plunger to deposit the pill.

Now gently insert the tool (with the suppository) into your vagina. The tool should easily use your natural lubrication to slide in. 

Once it’s in, press the plunger (the tip of the tool) to deposit the pill in there.  Next, slowly remove the applicator from your vagina. 

(If you’re using your fingers, then insert the capsule and push it in with your pinky.)

STEP 5: Step #5: Wash your hands and applicator tool with soap and water

And you’re done!

If you’re using a Flower Power insert tool, remember that they’re reusable. So you can wash it with gentle soap and stop it in a cool dry place for next time. 

And that’s how to safely, and quickly insert a suppository into your vagina. 

More tips on  using boric acid suppositories for vaginal health

One of the most effective treatments for bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections and vaginal odor is boric acid.

In fact, several studies have found that boric acid is up to 80% more effective than antibiotics.

And while there are lots of products out there… the safest kind to use is medical-grade boric acid suppositories

They’re safe (they rarely cause bleeding because they’re medical grade)... and they work really fast. 

Many ladies notice a significant reduction in symptoms overnight. And complete relief in about a week of consistent use.

How often should you use boric acid suppositories?

That would depend on your situation.

But if the infection is severe and you want fast relief… most doctors will recommend using them once a day for seven straight nights. (Without skipping one even if you feel super great after the second day!)

That’s also what we recommend. 

But some ladies like to go hardcore and not give the infection any chance. In that case, you’d want to use the suppositories twice a day, seven days in a row. 

That’s twice a day (morning and night) for a week.

To recap: 

  • Use daily for seven consecutive nights. 

If you want to go hardcore, then:

  • Use twice a day (morning and night) for seven consecutive days (one week). 

NOTE: Because some discharge is common, it’s recommended to use a panty liner when using our product.

Do you stop after the seven-day cycle?

Most ladies become absolutely hooked when they try medical-grade boric acid suppositories.  

They are also a GREAT way to quickly reset your pH when you think it’s about to go off. 

Plus many ladies use it to control your odor. 

If your odor usually goes off after sex… inserting a capsule not only prevents odors…

But it also helps your vagina rebalance itself quicker. 

Remember your period, semen and other vaginal fluids contribute to throw off the vagina’s pH. 

Boric acid suppositories come in handy when you want to quickly put things back in shape.

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