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Flower Power® Boric Acid Suppositories (30ct/ea)

Flower Power® Boric Acid Suppositories (30ct/ea)

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Eliminate Vaginal Odor and More - While You Sleep.

  • Easy to Use and Works from Day One - Guaranteed.
  • Helps re-establish the vagina’s normal pH balance.
  • Has helped thousands eradicate the symptoms of BV and yeast
  • Cruelty-free, 100% vegan capsules, scientifically proven to dissolve better.
  • Doctor recommended to eliminate and prevent odor, itch, dryness and excess discharge.


  • Using your finger or an applicator, insert one (1) Flower Power™ boric acid suppository into the vagina at bedtime for 7 consecutive nights.   If symptoms persist, use as needed.  Visual instructions are shown below.
  • In more severe cases, use one (1) Flower Power™ boric acid suppository every 12 hours.
  • Many women begin to notice positive changes within 24 hours.  Because excess discharge is very common, many women prefer to sleep with a panty liner when using our product.
  • Flower Power™ boric acid suppositories can also be used during the day, however most women prefer to use overnight.  Vaginal discharge is very common so we recommend wearing a pantyliner.

For information about ingredients, FAQs, how it works, and more, simply scroll down this page and explore the accompanying images.

To view our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), please scroll down on this page. 


Rendering loop-subscriptions
Flower Power® Boric Acid Suppositories (30ct/ea)

Flower Power® Boric Acid Suppositories (30ct/ea)

Eliminate Vaginal Odor and More - While You Sleep.

  • Easy to Use and Works from Day One - Guaranteed.
  • Helps re-establish the vagina’s normal pH balance.
  • Has helped thousands eradicate the symptoms of BV and yeast
  • Cruelty-free, 100% vegan capsules, scientifically proven to dissolve better.
  • Doctor recommended to eliminate and prevent odor, itch, dryness and excess discharge.
Flower Power® Vaginal Suppository Applicators

Flower Power® Vaginal Suppository Applicators

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    Your Questions, Answered:


    What's inside Flower Power's Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories?

    Our boric acid vaginal suppositories are 100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid, enclosed in vegan capsules.   

    Boric acid  has been used by gynecologists (and other doctors) for over 100 years asa fantastic vaginal pH balancer.   It's natural, safe and incredibly effective.   

    And - best of all - it works very quickly

    The outer shell of the boric acid vaginal suppositoryy is made of a quick-dissolving plant-based material.  Completely cruelty-free, of course.


    How do I use boric acid suppositories?

    Easy-peasy:  simply insert one capsule into your vagina with your index finger.  Push it up far.. but easy does it.. don't go so far that it hurts.

    You can also use our vaginal applicators (sold separately).

    Within 24 hours, you'll usually notice a reduction in symptoms.    Re-use as needed.

    It's that simple.  Time to say adiós to vaginal odor.   That magic of boric acid for vaginal odor in action! 


    How does a boric acid vaginal suppository work?

    When it's in its normal acidic state, the vagina is a bad-ass germ-fighting machine.

    Sadly,  things can get thrown off-balance quite easily...   

    And when this happens, the bad bacteria take over and bring itch, odor and other nasty stuff. 

    Our products simply supply the vagina with a bit of mild acid that helps bring things back to normal by allowing the good bacteria to thrive. And it works amazingly. 

    Here is a step-by-step explanation of how boric acid suppositories work:

    1.  A healthy vagina contains a delicate ecosystem of good bacteria that produces an acidic, self-cleaning environment.

    2. Life events such as periods, sex, antibiotic use  and evenexercisecan throw off the bacteria’s balance (by lessening the vagina’s acidity).

    3. When this happens - bad bacteria thrive and can cause funky odors, itching, discharge and other issues. Without treatment, this can go on for years.

    4. Flower Power’s boric acid (a compound present in seawater) helps restore the balance by increasing vagina’s acidity*.

    When the vagina is acidic again, the bad stuff goes away.

    That's it! You can learn a ton more about 'what does boric acid do'  onour homepage or in our FAQ below.


    Wait! Isn't vaginal odor a normal thing?

    Yes and no. It's completely normal to have some slight vaginal smell.

    However, if your vagina has a sour, fishy, bread or cheese-like odor, it is not normal. It is likely a sign of an infection (caused by a pH imbalance).

    And fixing the pH imbalance is exactly what our pH balance suppositories do!


    Hold on.. I've heard its bad to put anything up there because its self cleaning. So what gives?

    For the most part, that is true.  For example, doing things like douching can upset the vagina's microflora, speeding up the bad-bacteria's takeover.    Our product, however, is gently acidic and helps the vagina quickly restore back to its normal pH.   Once the pH is achieved, the vagina returns back to its self-cleaning mode.  :) 

    Boric acid has been used by doctors for over 100 years and is found in nature.   

    Boric acid vaginal suppositories are safe, highly effective, and is supported by lady-doctors across the world. 


    Acid? That sounds scary.

    No worries! Don't be afraid.  Boric acid is a very mild acid -- it is a pH of 5, which is the same acidity as a cup of coffee.   No need to be scared of our time-tested and popularly praised boric acid suppositories!


    My vagina doesn't smell weird, but things seem"off". Can I still use your vaginal suppository?

    Yes, many women use it for exactly this reason. 

    Using our boric acid suppositories will ensure your vag is back to its baseline pH and runnin' at full force. 

    Feel free to use it after sex, periods, throughout menopause.. or any time that things just feel off


    What is a vaginal suppository?

    A vaginal suppository is a small capsule that is inserted
    into the vagina.   

    The capsule dissolves over several hours. 

    Inside the capsule is one simple ingredient: 600 mg of finely-ground boric acid.    The outer shell is vegan - meaning it is made from vegetable materials. 

    This means it does not contain gelatin, an animal-derived ingredient.   

    We don't dig gelatin at all, so we sourced our special capsules. 

    No dead animal parts in your vagina with our company!  


    What does a boric acid suppository look like?

    Our boric acid vaginal suppositories look like regular capsules --  just a white powder within a small pill-size capsule


    Can I take the boric acid suppository by mouth?

    No! Don't do this! Boric acid can be toxic when taken orally.


    How do I use a boric acid suppository?

    It's super easy! Just insert the suppository like a tampon  and push it up with your fingertip. 

    You'll know you have it in "right" when its pushed to a point where you no longer can feel it. 

    Our products can be used any time.. however, most of our customers prefer to use them overnight.   That's right - let Flower Power™ work its magic while you sleep.  Just insert, pass out, and wake up with a nice "optimized" vag -- it doesn't get any better than that.


    What is the dosage in Flower Power™ boric acid suppositories?

    Our capsules contain 600 milligrams of boric acid.   Results can be seen within 2 – 7 days, but are often seen after one use.   We recommend only using
    them till the symptoms disappear.  


    Is boric acid safe to use in the body?

    Heck yes. Boric acid has been used for hundreds of years by medical professionals for different purposes, including eliminating vaginal odors and preventing infections. There are numerous studies that have shown its effectiveness and safety. Boric acid is recommended by a multitude of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals - primarily those who specialize in women’s health. Do not, however, take it orally.


    Can I use boric acid suppositories on my period?

    Yes you can use our boric acid suppositories on your period. No problem at all.


    When and how often should I use Flower Power™ boric acid suppositories?

    When having symptoms (odor, excess discharge, or itch), feel free to use one suppository every 12 hours.

    We like to recommend nighttime use. We generally recommend using one suppository per night, as needed. Some women may experience a mild discharge (especially during the day), so we recommend using a panty liner -- just in case.


    How long should I use Flower Power™ boric acid suppositories?

    Just use the suppositories till your symptoms are gone. Feel free to use 1-2 days after symptoms disappear, just in case. If you are prone to infections feel free to use 2 - 4 suppositories per week as a preventative measure. Every lady's bod is different -- nothing is really written in stone.


    Can you use boric acid suppositories while pregnant?

    We do not recommend using boric acid suppositories during pregnancy. There has not been enough studies done to conclude whether or not it is safe to use when pregnant.   Please always consult with a doctor before using our stuff. 


    Can I use Flower Power™ boric acid suppositories on a regular basis?

    Yes, you can safely use Flower Power™  boric acid suppositories 2-4 times per week.


    Can I have sex after inserting the suppository?

    Feisty, are you? We've found it takes between 4 - 12 hours for the suppository to dissolve. Every lady is different.

    Once it is dissolved you can then engage in all your sexual deeds.


    What are some possible boric acid suppository side effects?

    Our ladies have reported slight discharge, mild burning and some irritation. We recommend using a panty liner to deal with the possible discharge.

    Make sure to insert the suppository far enough into the vagina -- ideally to a point where you can no longer feel it. 

    We believe that some of the side effects may be due to failing to insert deep enough inside of the vagina.


    What is pH?

    pH is a scale of measurement between things that are alkaline (non-acidic) and acidic. The scale ranges from 0 – 14, with 14 being the most alkaline and 0 being the most acidic. Water is pH neutral and has a pH of 7.

    A healthy vagina has a pH balance of 3.8 – 4.5, which is fairly acidic (about the same as a tomato). 

    The vagina's "good bacteria" produce lactic acid, which keeps the bad bacteria away. 

    However, when the vagina is off-balance (too alkaline), the bad bacteria thrive and can mess it all up.  Please read out home page to learn more.


    Why is the vagina’s pH value important?

    The vagina is a naturally acidic organ, and this  is how it keeps bad bacteria and infections at bay.  When the vagina is in a healthy, acidic state, the environment is too harsh for bad bacteria to grow. These bacteria need higher pH levels (less acidic) to thrive.  

    However, when outside factors shift a vagina from acidic to alkaline, an overgrowth of bad bacteria can occur. This brings discharge, bad odor, itching and other unpleasant stuff.  


    What causes changes in pH?

    • Menstruation:The pH of blood is 7.4 since its mostly water. During your period, vaginal pH levels become elevated (less acidic).

    • Menopause:Estrogen levels fall which can reduce the amount of lactobacilli or “good bacteria” present.  This causes the pH levels to decrease in acidity becoming more alkaline.

    • Sex:The alkaline pH value of body fluids such as semen is around 7. Semen in the vagina after sexual intercourse disturbs the acidic environment of the vagina and can stimulate bacterial growth.

    • Douching and cleansers: Water and other types of fluids are alkaline. Anything that is alkaline in nature can affect your vaginal pH levels. This includes douching after sex.

    • Antibiotic Medications Prescription antibiotics kill off all bacteria, including the good ones that are responsible for keeping your vagina acidic and healthy. 

    •  Diet and Exercise:Diet and exercise may play a part in setting off a vaginal imbalance. 

    Fun fact: Once the vagina is off balance, it can stay like that for years until it is rebalanced! 


    Where are Flower Power™ boric acid suppositories made?

    Our Flower Power™ boric acid suppositories are manufactured at our own FDA-registered facilities right here in America.  As a product of the USA, we ensure it is made using the highest standards in quality.


    What makes your company different from those other guys?

    Great question.  Here's how we are a bit different:

    1. We use vegan capsules.  We don't believe anyone should be putting gelatin (animal parts) into their vag,ever.   Vegan capsules also have been shown to dissolve more effectively.   Also - gelatin will sometimes fall out into your underwear.  Not cool at all.

    2. We allowyouto givebackto women.   When customers purchase from us, they are allowed to chose a charity for a portion of our revenue.   

    3. Our powder is the finest in the industry.  No gritty sand in your vag with us.  Our boric acid powder is as finely-ground as it comes, so your vag can live a life of luxury.

    4. We have a 60-day guarantee.  We believe people should try our products out and be confident with them.  Most companies will not give you a refund on an
    opened bottle.   

    5. Made in the USA. A lot of companies source their product from overseas.  Sketchy?  We think so too.   Ours are made right here in the good ol' USA. 

    How Boric Acid Suppositories Optimize Your Vagina

    Over 21 million American women are suffering from vaginal odor and bacterial vaginosis. We’ve already helped thousands of them. Take action now and fine-tune your vagina into the amazing machine that it is. 

    check_circle Say Adiós to Vaginal Odor - Flower Power™'s boric acid is incredibly potent and quickly eliminates embarrassing vaginal odor (and excess discharge).   Feel clean during the day and confident in the bedroom.

    check_circle Fights the Yeast Beast - It's time to move your bread-making hobby out of your pants.  Flower Power's precise dose of pure boric acid works as a potent antifungal, and targets the nasty Candida albicans and the more resistant Candida glabrata yeast strains.  

    check_circle Ditch the Itch - Life's not enriching when there's vaginal itching.  Flower Power's boric acid has been proven to  target the main culprits of vaginal itch: yeast and bacterial vaginosis.

    • Dr. Kiran Iqbal M.D.

      The key ingredient in Flower Power™ - boric acid - has been proven to be remarkably effective at helping relieve yeast infections, itching, and odor. Flower Power™ helps revitalize the vagina's natural PH balance, which helps it protect itself. Flower Power™ a quick and easy way to help restore your vagina back into its optimal health.

    • Dr. R. Mabborang, M.D.

      Boric acid suppositories, like Flower Power™, help restore the vaginal mucosa to more acidic levels. This allows the vagina to help fight microorganisims that can cause itch and odor. Flower Power™ does it better - their products are made in USA and utilize vegan capsules - something that is likely far safer for the vaginal flora.

    • Dr. Andy Asghar 

      We've compounded boric acid for patients for years. It's proven to be safe and incredibly effective with vaginal burning, odor and itch. Flower Power™ uses the highest quality ingredients in a vegan capsule, bringing pharmacy-quality products to the comfort of home.

    • Dr. V. Cervantes, M.D.

      Flower Power™ is a product of years of research of the benefits of its key ingredient, boric acid, to the normal vaginal flora which helps in fighting off infections, unwanted itching and odor. It helps the vagina return to its normal acidic state. It is natural, cruelty-free, easy to use and most importantly, proven effective.