fruits in a jello depicting how bad bacteria protect themselves with biofilm

What Doctors Don’t Tell You About Chronic BV: “The Biofilm”

Antibiotics are the standard treatment for vaginal infections. But unfortunately they only work for a small percentage of women. 

And even when it treats one infection… it might also trigger a yeast infection. 

Why does that happen? And what can you do about it? 

Let’s discover that in today’s article. 

Why antibiotics don’t always work for vaginal infections

Antibiotics are recommended for infections caused by bacteria. That’s what doctors are taught to recommend in medical school. And it’s still the standard of care. 

And when you take antibiotics, they begin to do what they were designed to do. 

They start to slow down the growth of bacteria, and also kill them off. It kills off both the good and bad bacteria in your microbiome. 

That is usually okay in other parts of the body… but it can be a big problem in the vagina.

As you may know, a healthy vagina has good bacteria in it. These are the organisms that live in our vagina and actually help fight vaginal infections. 

But once you take an antibiotic, everyone down there dies. 

While that might sound like a good thing, remember that it’s the good bacteria that helps the vagina fight off infections. 

The vagina’s natural-cleaning mechanism is built on the good bacteria. So when they’re dead, you’ll remain VERY prone to vaginal infections. 

Any bad bacteria that finds its way in… will not face any opposition. It will just start a new infection. 

And you go back to your doctor… next round of antibiotics… momentary relief… the infection returns… 

… and the cycle continues, until you say no more antibiotics.

Antibacterial resistance: when the bad bacteria learns a deadly lesson. 

One of the first things you learn in Science is that microorganisms can be very clever. Some scientists say that they even evolve faster than humans. 

And as they evolve, they keep refining their ability to defend themselves from things that killed their parents… like antibiotics. 

That’s also what happens when you try to use an antibiotic to treat a vaginal infection. 

After your first dose, the bad bacteria that survive begin to take notes. They start developing plans to resist that particular antibiotic. 

And if care is not taken, the bacteria might succeed and become resistant to that antibiotic! That’s why some vaginal infections don’t budge when you take antibiotics. 

This resistance to treatment is what causes chronic vaginal infections. 

And to treat this, you’ll have to address the root cause of the resistance — biofilms.

Biofilms and antibiotic resistance – how chronic vaginal infections happen

Take a look at the picture below: 

fruits in a jello depicting how bad bacteria protect themselves with biofilm

See those fruits sitting inside the jello? 

Those fruits are the BV bacteria, while the jello is the biofilm. The biofilm is a shell that protects the bad bacteria from common treatments.

And if you take an antibiotic…, it can’t get to the bacteria chilling underneath. 

That’s how the biofilm protects the bad bacteria from antibiotics and from your natural vaginal self-defenses.

Which is why once you stop any treatment (that seemed to make any difference), the infection resurfaces and you’re horrified again.

This is known as antibiotic tolerance.

This is why antibiotics become completely ineffective against BV… and you keep struggling with BV regardless of what you take or do. 

Again, this happens because antibiotics usually don’t address the root cause of chronic BV.

What to do about bacteria biofilm
and how to banish chronic BV for good

If you’re struggling with chronic infections like BV, you’ll have to quit antibiotics and try a more potent solution. 

Preferably something that’s known to work well against bacteria biofilms. 

The fastest way to do that and get relief is by using a medical-grade boric acid suppository

Boric acid attacks the bad bacteria in the microbiome and the biofilms as well. That way it clears all bacteria and also prevents a relapse. 

That’s how boric acid treats chronic vaginal issues by targeting the root cause. 

This little biofilm trick could easily be the ONLY thing holding you back. 

And when you use a good boric acid product, it’ll work like a charm. And like most ladies who have tried boric acid, it will feel like a miracle.

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