Vaginal pH and How She Self-Cleans

Vaginal pH and How She Self-Cleans

The vagina is one complex organ that can clean itself.

And most ladies find that hard to believe. 

Maybe you have also wondered, “If the vagina is so awesome, why do I still deal with vaginal infections?”

The answer to that question is almost all about your pH.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. 

(We’ll keep it short and sweet.)

The vagina keeps herself fresh and clean using two simple processes. 

  1. Releasing discharges… (flushing out bad bacteria, dead cells, etc. to keep herself fresh clean) and 
  2. Good vaginal bacteria (that fight and kill any bad bacteria that sneaks in). 

So, for a start, vaginal discharge is completely normal!

That’s how your vagina thrashes the junk to keep things fresh and clean in there. 

Back to the main topic: 

If the vagina is so awesome, how do vaginal infections happen? 

It’s all about the pH. It’s almost all about the pH. 

Your vagina’s main line of defense is your good bacteria. 

But the good bacteria thrives in an acidic environment. 

Which means that if your vagina is not acidic… the good bacteria begins to die off… and your vagina’s self-defense system begins to fall apart. 

So if you make sure that your pH is always at the right pH, you'll almost never have to deal with an infection of vaginal odor.

(You can easily restore your vagina’s pH by using a vagina-grade boric acid suppository like this one)

Vaginal pH scale 

If you haven’t hit menopause… your normal pH should always fall between 3.8 to 4.5. 

And if you have hit menopause, then your normal pH should be 5.0 to 5.5. 

Anything out of that range usually means that something is off. 

So an easy way to know how your vagina is doing (how clean it is) is to just check your pH. 

Simple as that. 

But to get reliable readings, you’d have to use a vagina-grade pH testing kit. 

Do not buy pH strips that are made for chemical substances.

Get the ones made specifically for the vagina like FlowerPower’s pH testing kit

Will they cost some money? 


Will they also SAVE you from dealing with vaginal odor... gross discharges... yeast infections... dry and painful sex... and even blood poisoning (in some cases)?


Because if you’re able to catch a pH change in time, you can easily restore it using a boric acid suppository. 

And give the bad bacteria a middle finger in the process. 


If you're ready to get into the habit of checking your pH daily (or weekly at least)... then you'll need a good pH testing kit. 

I'll personally recommend FlowerPower's pH testing kit because that's what I use. 

8,000+ FlowerPower ladies use it too. 

So you can be sure it'll give you accurate readings of what's going on in your vagina at any time. 

Click the link below to get your supply: 

FlowerPower pH testing kit 


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