The Proven Cure to Vaginal Odor, Yeast Infections, and BV (and why washing doesn't work)

The Proven Cure to Vaginal Odor, Yeast Infections, and BV (and why washing doesn't work)


What if Vaginal Odor was solved forever?


What if you could eliminate BV, Yeast, and Vaginal Odor while you sleep?


What if you had this natural solution right now?

Imagine how much more confident and comfortable you would feel…

It would feel amazing, right? 

Never worrying about whether other people can smell your coochie when it’s that time of the month… 

Or, wondering why your boyfriend doesn’t enjoy going down on you like he used to when you first met.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you’ve probably heard the myth that "vaginal odor is a problem with your personal hygiene and bathing habits"

But this is why most women don’t know how to get rid of their odor!

In fact, taking a bath can even make things worse down there.

But you’ve already tried the soaps, sprays, and even antibiotics and nothing seems to work…

It’s all because your pH is imbalanced! 

You see, your vagina needs to be acidic to for good bacteria to thrive, and things like sex, periods, medications and even exercise can decrease the vagina's acidity.

And, once things get out of whack, a bloom of bad bacteria occurs.  These microorganisms cause odor, itch and excess discharge.  

This means you’re more susceptible to BV, Yeast Infections, and foul odors, which knocks your confidence…

They continue to reproduce unless the ecosystem is restored - something that can only be done when the acidic levels are re-established.

So what’s the solution?



"This was the best thing I’ve ever used. This helped with my yeast infections better than monistat." - Taylor


Meet FlowerPower 


Dr. Andy Asghar says “It's proven to be safe and incredibly effective with vaginal odor and itch.


It’s a vegan vaginal suppository specially designed to help naturally restore your vagina’s pH balance. 

These boric acid suppositories are so easy to use and are America’s best solution to vaginal odor because we use vegan capsules and you get to choose a women’s charity to donate our profits to.


It only costs $34.97 to eliminate vaginal odor for good, an amazing deal right?

We thought so too. 

That’s why we’re so proud to cut the cost even further and offer a $7 discount for everyone that places an order today. 

Now you can get FlowerPower for just $27.97.

Not only that, your order will be shipped to your door within 4 days for FREE! 

(Use code: FPFREE)

That’s an incredible deal and a tiny price to live an odor-free life and get back to enjoying the feeling of being clean and fresh down there.

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes! I know what you’re thinking - “will this work for me?”, “is this another vag care product that won’t deliver?”. 

I know this pain all too well.

Unfortunately, social media advertising is rife with products promising the world but not truly delivering on that.

That's why FlowerPower wants to make purchasing boric acid a completely risk-free experience for you.

Each order is backed by a “Happiness or Full Refund” guarantee - so if our product doesn’t work for you like it did for us, you send us an email for a full refund. No questions asked.

Get FlowerPower now and live life odor-free. 

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