Need Video Reviews – Flower Power® Feminine Health


Hi there!

Happy Thursday.

I wanted to ask you something quickly: 

By this point you've probably noticed that our FlowerPower boric acid products work fantastically.

That's why I wanted to reach out and ask you something...

Would you be willing to help us with a video review?

You see, we want to improve our Facebook ads to show real users who are happy with our products.

I realize that this is a very private product. If its not something you're comfortable with, no worries...

But if you're worried about privacy, we can blur your face to make you anonymous.

If you're open to showing your face - we'd appreciate it even more. We will never disclose your real name.

We only want users who LOVE our stuff. If you're not happy with our products, please do not do this.

If you're interested, we need it quickly. Please email us at as soon as you can.

We will pay $20 in Amazon Gift cards, or $15 via PayPal. 

Thank you! 

// Clicky //