Mounting evidence says this delicious seafood can increase your libido

Mounting evidence says this delicious seafood can increase your libido


If you’re trying to boost your libido, you’ve probably heard of herbs like Ashwagandha and Maca root. But here’s something you haven’t heard about: 

There’s a delicious seafood that’s proven to boost libido. 

This seafood also boosts your immune function. It helps your body heal itself faster. And it also has lots of evidence that back up its claims. 

On top of all that, this seafood is delicious and you can find it in most restaurants.

Well, what is this miracle seafood? 

Oysters. Yes, oysters. 

Many sexual health experts consider oysters to be their #1 aphrodisiac. And that’s because eating oysters can dramatically boost your libido. 

How did people find that out about oysters? Well, most women stumbled on it by accident. 

After trying oysters in a restaurant, they woke up feeling hornier than ever. And all evidence was pointing to the oysters they had the previous night. 

So after we read story after story of oysters’ libido-boosting power… we decided to see if science has anything to say about this. As it turned out, there’s a scientific reason why oysters boost libido and sexual desire. 

As you may know, your libido is controlled by the hormone testosterone. And the higher your testosterone levels, the healthier your libido will be.

You might also know that your body uses zinc to boost testosterone production. 

Well, recent studies found that oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food in the world! In fact, every major research website says that oysters are the best source of zinc for human beings!

That makes eating oysters one powerful way to boost your body’s zinc content… and by extension, your libido and sexual desire! 

Many many women eat oysters the day before a steamy time with their partners. Why not give it a try yourself?

If you’re struggling with low libido, eat oysters for a few days and see what happens. Some people enjoy them raw… but you can grill or roast them with spices of your choosing. 

When you try it, remember to write back and tell me how it worked out for you.

Bonus: Your body also uses zinc to regulate immune function and promote wound healing. But your body can’t make zinc, which leads us to another side benefit of eating oysters. When you eat oysters, you’ll strengthen both your immune system… and your body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Caution: Always source your from reputable suppliers. And people with shellfish allergies should avoid oysters entirely.

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